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The thing that I would like to do more than anything else is to make a difference in peoples lives, and to show them they are not alone. Viva La Vida
"Your soul is the world"

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  • Wake up in a paradise that the world had forgotten
    Matching the floral patterns on dresses of those...

  • I tried to call you but my will is not so strong...
    Here's my heart on a sleeve...

  • The life of a lover is thought to be that of a...
    And is brought down by narcissistic egos all of...

  • 12 Pm (3)

    Monday morning and you're still wandering around
    Tired of compensating for this stupid town...

  • (In Heroic Pentameter)
    She woke one early December morning...

Latest Quotes By Chris Rodriguez

  • "Love of another is never a birthright, and is true even when no one else accepts it"

    17 years ago
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  • "Only when we've lost everything, are we free to do anything."

    17 years ago
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  • " We are all put on this earth to do something, wither it be for bad or good is up to us."

    17 years ago
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