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Hiya guys! ;P Hope you guys like my poems (or love them, doesn't matter ;P), I love writing poems, so check them out, okay? ;P Oh, and um, this is supposed to be a bio... so um... well, I like sports, and um... lots of TV shows, ;P.
Oh, and THANKS to all who commented, or voted on my poems, I APPRECIATE IT SOOOOOO MUCH, Love you guys!!! *hugz*

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Latest Poems By Fairytales

  • Cause of you I've forgotten what friends are,
    You don't act like a friend to me...

  • I like you, okay, I admit it,
    you're on my mind every single day...

  • I know that everyone loves fairytales,
    Kids dream of having their own...

  • She sits and acts like nothings wrong,
    always listening to the same old song...

  • I love the way you say my name,
    and look into my eyes...

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