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I love reading poems and writing them... Poems are one of my favorite hobbies in life... I love writing down how I feel and what i think on a peace of paper...

I'm just a regular teenage girl, who hangs out with friends, plays sports, and enjoys company with guy I'm shy at first but when you get to know me you get know I'm pretty crazy to hang around with (in a good way) lol... I'm a lover not i fighter... But just because I'm not the person to start fights doesn't mean I back down from one... But I'm really friendly and very easy to talk to...I'm taken by the love of my life , my bf (KO) without him I'd pretty much give up on everything... I have a lovely son named Tristan who I live for everyday and makes my life have more meaning. :)

I started writing since I was 12 but i never really took it seriously...Til I turned 14.... ^_^ Now every once in a while if something comes up in my head I write poems...

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Latest Poems By LuvLyLynn

  • I look at the clock it's only half past two,
    As I wonder if you're thinking of me the way...

  • I've forgotten my broken heart
    I've forgotten the tears I've cried...

  • Ever since I was little I've had this fantasy,
    For my knight in shining armor to come...

  • Filled with wonders on this moonlit night,
    But being here with you it feels so right...

  • My heart is falling apart piece by piece,
    I've caught a a sickness, a plague, a disease...

Latest Quotes By LuvLyLynn

  • What we have is special I will always treasure it til the end...
    Because before we became lovers we started off as good friends...

    15 years ago
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  • I love someone, but I haven't told him that I do...
    But I think he already knows because he just told me he loves me too...

    15 years ago
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  • I know he fell for me hard......
    I made him trip over my shoe ^_^

    15 years ago
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