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I'm back again, hopefully. Seemed to have lost that creative spark but by coming back here I hope to regain that. I'm a proud father now to a beautiful 15 month old daughter but unfortuntley not living with her and now jumping through hoops to see her but i'm keeping upbeat coz i know it'll turn out ok and when i do have her it's obvious she knows i'm her father n she loves me. I'm still a crazy mofo and always cracking jokes so unfasten your seatbelts, make sure all limbs are hanging outside of the carriage and lets go kicking and screaming saying 'what a ride!!!'

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  • Oops I guess I've gone and done it again
    Created a mess and lead myself into pain...

  • Sitting around with nothing to do
    Same ol sh*t nothing new...

  • Although i've enjoyed my time away,
    I can't wait until a week Friday...

  • Another year and your still here
    Helping me to see my life clear...

  • Good morning ladies and gents it's a brand new day
    And I've woken up with something to say...

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  • Hold onto my heart very tight,
    Cause that's the last piece you'll ever get

    11 years ago
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  • Sorry I was in my own world, it's ok they know me there

    11 years ago
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  • I'll come at you like a breeze block of pain

    14 years ago
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