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I will smile through my pain, and
laugh when on the verge of tears.
I'll hold my head up high, and show
no one my fears. I'll be stronger
than you ever thought I could,
looking darkness in the eye. I'll
stand even when my strength gives
out, and no one will see me cry. I
swear I won't give up, I'll stand
as strong as stone. Even if it
kills me, I'll face things on my

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  • Try to see and love yourself the way he did. To him, you were beautiful and perfect exactly as you are, special for just being you. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Now that he is gone, you must remind yourself and make yourself believe it.

    7 months ago
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  • Remember, even when things were at their worst, the one absolute certainty you could always rely on was his love for you. Don’t disrespect his memory by doubting his love still remains, even though he is no longer able to remind you.

    7 months ago
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  • Losing him showed me a devastation that could never be described or set to rights. A world, a life, without him and the light he brought to my life was no life at all. Nothing has ever been the same since he's been gone. Nothing will ever be the same.

    1 year ago
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