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My name isn't important
My hobbies are none
My age is useless
And my birthday is just another day

Why tell someone you don't even know
Your life story....

Thats like trying to describe the sky to a blind guy... POINTLESS

So whats up thanks for reading my bio if you haven't noticed I'm opinionated and i have a lot to say

Some people like me and some don't but thats up to them

I'm here for poetry purposes only and nothing more... so get that ! and stick it on a sticky note =)

So all thats left to say is I'm Unknow Substance
I have a mouth and keyboard
And use them well...

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  • Age : 99
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  • Everyone can give up
    Only some can give in

    15 years ago
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  • Someone once said
    To hold your head up high
    But its kind of hard to
    Look up when rain
    pours from the sky

    15 years ago
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  • Want to hear something sad?
    You spend your whole life
    Waiting in line to die
    && the sad part is;
    I'm already d.e.a.d

    15 years ago
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