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My name's Sam, I'm an 18 year old Aussie girl. I've always loved creative writing, poetry has never been my stronger area but I'm giving it a go. Two of my most influential writers are John Marsden, and poems by Jewel.
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  • Once upon a time...
    There was Sam and Sly. They were like bliss. But...

  • It's a matter of confession
    I don't know how to make coffee...

  • I just was thinking about how useless is to be...
    And believe that I'm ok when it's winter...

  • Days spent at the rest stop
    Were blurry and fast...

  • I took a swift bottle to the chest
    And ended up feeling disappointment of all sorts...

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  • We eat our words and swallow our shame.
    Then spit our lies, it’s all the same.

    15 years ago
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