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I love to read poetry i dnt like ppl tht try there best to put other down to feel good. plz post comments and send me messages on my poems to help me write better poetry!!

<3 ya all!! =)

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  • Sleepy cries in the night...all the black lies you...
    **Sorry it doesn't make sense it was kinda...

  • It was a night like any other. It snowed softly as...

  • Tears (4)

    The tears inside make me want to cry.
    I want let them out but I just can't seem to...

  • Should i call or not
    as i just sadly stare at your picture...

  • I wonder if you miss me as much as i miss you
    and day after day i think of you...

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  • You may think you know someone but you never know what they are going through day after day.

    16 years ago
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  • The people that make you cry aren't worth your tears but the ones that are worth you tears wont make you cry!!!

    16 years ago
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  • Never let wht peolpe say you bring you down.

    16 years ago
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