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Hey my name is Stephanie. and I'm really 16 years old! I been writing poetry for 6years. I have accomplished part of one of my dreams. And that's becoming a published author! Yes, my poem named 'What I Feel" is published in a book called "Inspired".
Left alone for too long,
Attended always,
Comfort with voice.
Cared for with touch.
Loved by choice.
Leave girls.
Put my life with yours.
Blessing comes with bliss.
Vision comes with beauty.
Like a wind; kiss.
Take me in your arm.
Take what i give.
Protect me from harm.
Talk to me with whats true.
Receive my love for you.

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  • Nice doesnt always equals to light as Evil doesnt equals to dark

    13 years ago
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  • Girls cry because they cant fall in love, I cry because i fell in love.

    13 years ago
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  • -Have a nice day!
    -Thanks, but i have other plans.

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