Favorite Poems of Poet on the Piano

  • Farewell Tree (10) 7

    by Star

    You hug the earth
    tightly with your...

  • I was some place I wanted to be, an I had to leave...
    I was some place I wanted to be, an I laughed it...

  • Gravity. 3

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    there are days in my life i feel catatonic
    clinging to the notion that better days mean...

  • thin air (8) 5

    by Star

    the sky closes her eyes
    and you feel your body...

  • Jumbled (7) 8 WIN

    by ERS

    I've got books in places where there should be...
    Words scribbled so neatly on my legs they look...

  • Surreal (1) 4

    by Rania Moallem

    I told you. Gloomy are the days of the...

  • you

  • a seabird's cry. (1) 5 HM

    by hiraeth

    sprawled across the bed, your bosom
    rises and collapses, like your one deep...

  • Still (2) 4

    by Mimi

    I am still hurting and
    I am still lying about it...

  • a little past midnight, and i'm spilling again -
    in a drunken stupor, and i'm spilling all the...

  • t w e n t y (6) 6

    by Shruti

    septemper held the corner of my cotton dress and
    whispered to me that she had prepared my...

  • Collateral Silence (2) 3

    by Star

    Silence did not treat you
    the way he treated me...

  • Tattered 3

    by Skyfire

    Just tell me
    who you want me to be...

  • He came to me
    from the corner...

  • Haze (3) 4

    by Skyfire

    Your memory feels like
    fog with no lighthouse...

  • Scarred Tree (10) 9

    by Star

    Only when trees shed
    and winds shake...

  • The Appetizer (2) 3

    by Sai

    This year began
    with a poetic yawn...

  • Daisies Shouldn't Rust (2) 3

    by Ben Pickard

    I gather up the stars for you
    And lay them at your feet...

  • How hollow do I have to be

  • The Week of Distance (12) 6 WIN

    by Tanya Southey

    I don’t have space
    for grief...

  • The shadow visits me when the moon
    unravels his luminous beauty, swaying...

  • Adhd/ptsd In The Office (3) 4

    by Lindsay

    *Alarm, snooze.*
    *Alarm, snooze.* *Alarm, snooze...

  • fixated on your protruding collarbones,
    i swallow the evening sun, bathing in the...

  • Dim Stars (4) 6

    by Star

    The roaring went on,
    as your scribbling drafted...

  • Being a Soul (2) 2

    by BOB GALLO

    I watched how my faith faded right in front of me.
    So, I turned loquacious...

  • Stem (15) 6 WIN

    by Daniel

    A snake hangs limply from a
    knotted branch, its...

  • Unearthed (1) 3

    by nourayasmine

    I wonder if death
    takes us to the sun...

  • napowrimo 17 - Claw Machine (5) 4

    by Rania Moallem

    Transparent water bottles
    smell of fresh books...

  • Third-world Heroes (1) 2

    by nourayasmine

    We, right here, in
    the furthest east...

  • It Was Not Bravery (6) 3

    by Daniel

    We are locked in our lighthouses,
    and the chasms of ocean...

  • Slowly Saturated (7) 4

    by Ben Pickard

    I swim with the whales, I slide with the snakes,
    I dream in the night and when I'm awake...

  • *** This is a poem that recycles bits and pieces...
    All my life I’ve tried so hard to become a happy...

  • Happy Poem II (3) 3 WIN

    by Saerelune

    One day I will be my own happy poem.
    I will wake up with a soul...

  • Writer's Block (8) 8 WIN

    by Maher

    It seems we’re staring at the same wall.
    A blank sheet with all the ink in the world and...

  • Tired (Müde) 5 WIN

    by Elizabeth

    "Ich bin müde, immer müde zu sein"
    I am tired of always being tired...

  • Stuck (2) 6

    by nourayasmine

    You can't hate your country.
    You think you do...

  • Semicolon (1) 3 WIN

    by Saerelune

    I say I want to place a period
    behind your name, but everytime...

  • Wavering (1) 8 WIN

    by nourayasmine

    Who are you today?
    The first few minutes after...

  • the dreamer (1) 2

    by hiraeth

    with a poem in my heart,
    and wine in my belly...

  • the pauper (1) 3 WIN

    by hiraeth

    my love,
    when y/our world seems barren...

  • Survival (2) 5 WIN

    by nourayasmine

    Let me tell you
    about the struggle...

  • Sometimes it feels like my soul is a record...
    Not some fancy state-of-the-art machinery...

  • Brainchild (6) 7 HM

    by Maple Tree

    There is an intersection
    within my imagination...

  • Ceaseless Seasons (3) 7 WIN

    by ddavidd


  • There it is. A glowing dot
    in the sky. You could hear it's whistle...

  • Cocoon (3) 3

    by Daniel

    I desire myself...

  • God of Carnage (4) 8 WIN

    by hiraeth

    we carry the hurt in our hearts,
    swallowing it every time our...

  • On depression 2

    by Sarah

    Lately I feel stuck...

  • Breathe (2) 3

    by Catchy

    Let me breathe
    Let me breathe in these blades...

  • Insider (2) 2

    by (Linda)

    The plague of the USA.
    At the Giant Eagle checkout...

  • Energy (2) 4

    by (Linda)

    The mental blackout curtains,
    the heavy, wet fabric laid on my cerebellum...

  • Some people are power washers.
    Some people are chainsaws...

  • Women like you
    are lonely...

  • I can’t write you poetry,
    play guitar...

  • That boy is not the world,
    And he will leave you shaking in the shower...

  • 7.26.2014 (1) 3 HM

    by Chenoa

    Get me off my lazy bum
    and back into action...

  • Tea (8) 5 HM

    by Tanya Southey

    The world is crumbling,
    life has gone insane...

  • The bosoms of swollen meadows

  • Feather's in the Wind (6) 6 HM

    by Maple Tree

    I began to fall
    like a soft, summer rain...

  • Choices (4) 3

    by ddavidd

    The reason we keep on going
    is that we are not going anywhere...

  • Foundation 1 HM

    by Abram Turner

    In summer, we used to drive to demolition sites...
    we'd chat. You told me you loved to watch falling...

  • Windchill (2) 1

    by ddavidd

    Windchill is howling in my veins,
    as on the windows of these trains...

  • Such divide (16) 6 WIN

    by Michael

    The colour fades
    from her cheeks...

  • Remebrance (6) 5

    by Michael

    Today marks one hundred years
    ago the first world war came to an end...

  • Nights like these, I can't tell if I love her or...
    I'm obsessed equally with the faint...

  • the unsettled gorge (1) 2

    by c. a. williams

    I am used to the wind filling in
    the cracks of doors and insisting...

  • Love Is Eternal (1)

    by huddy

    Love knows no boarders
    Love knows no boundaries...

  • Seasons Change. (8)

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Amber leaves
    tumble from octopus limbs...

  • Sadness. [Apostrophe] (5)

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Sadness, could you disappear for a while?
    Your haunting spirit always lingers...

  • Born Free (Octameter) (9) 6

    by Sylvia

    A child running free,
    sweet sounds of laughter...

  • Angels on the Moon (5) 6

    by Krista

    Tell me all your thoughts about the
    stars that fill the moon lit skies...

  • Faithless Recollections (1) 1

    by Indian Comma Bean

    Flesh comes to contact with thoughts,
    A mesmerizing enigma of will...

  • Moon Dance (10)

    by Lady Nik

    Flashes of brilliance
    swirl through the...

  • Firestorms and Color Swarms (2)

    by Indian Comma Bean

    I want to feel the sky vibrate,
    Like your skin upon my cheek...

  • Pointless (2)

    by MichaelaYvette

    When I met you, it was like youd shot across my...
    How I longed for you to lay next to me...

  • His promise (1)

    by rene

    There is a weight on my shoulders
    A heavy burden no one person should undertake...

  • Between The Shadows (7) 1

    by Lady Nik

    Between the shadows
    rest a place where I find...

  • Hope Will Forever Live On. (11) 8

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Faith keeps me alive-
    for it is engraved in my veins...

  • From Sunrises to Sunsets (2)

    by RebelForever

    The sun rises for a time
    But the night is always longer...

  • Life Is Worthy In The Wild (3)

    by Indian Comma Bean

    Twilight skies twist aging star trails
    Over hidden treetops long forgotten...

  • Shadows of the Night (2) 1

    by Light A Way

    Lingering anticipation escapes from my vulnerable...
    Building up the impatience that crawls within me...

  • Wanderlust (4) 2 WIN

    by Krathia

    I walked in nightfall,
    Stumbling along sinister lines...

  • Mint Green Forest. (8) 4

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Written for a Contest using this image...

  • In my demons' posession (2)

    by InTheBeginning

    "This is what I looked like before the demon...
    Writer's note: Had to put a * in between the word...

  • Parallel (5) 4 WIN

    by Melpomene

    when the wind eases...

  • Essay (2)

    by Italian Stallion

    All done; done all.
    Revised, I must be wise...

  • Defiance (8) 2

    by Italian Stallion

    Defiance - the hunger of survival. Followed...
    The tidings of intelligent activity (derailed...

  • Takes over me (5)

    by ToxicSpookyAngel

    The darkness takes over me once again. Stronger...

  • Ebony Eyes (Cascadent) (3)

    by Ashleigh Skye

    peering into my soul...

  • Stealing Spring's Spotlight. (5)

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Chunks of snow dwindle,
    stealing away spring's spotlight...

  • A Piece of Abstract Artistry. (4) 1

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Globs of beautiful romantic colors drip with ease...
    down a vacant canvas thirsty for love and beauty...

  • Heads Up Hospital (1)

    by iLYSSA

    Welcome to Heads Up Hospital
    Where every soul inside is content...

  • If Only (1)

    by Beautiful Forever

    Bruised, broken, tattered and torn,
    Only from these will love be born...

  • Midnight Moon (10) 4 WIN

    by NightFlyer

    Work your magic across the sky
    Midnight Moon, pearlescent queen...

  • Fly Away Home (1)

    by Hear You Me

    My wings flutter slightly
    I'm trying to cope...

  • Moon (2)

    by MyMuse

    The moon shines beautifully
    The cool, clear water swirls all around me...

  • Evil Shadows (5) 3

    by Sora

    I hate this place,
    And all the faces I see...

  • Untitled (1)

    by Wishful Wonderer

    The winds rustle the greenery,
    Bringing whispers from the past...

  • Our Last Goodbye (1) 1

    by lost in the words

    The silence is what hurts the most.
    The unsaid still lingering in his head...

  • Always Remember (2)

    by Hannah

    Ones you love wont hang around,
    People you trust will let you down...

  • The serenade of the wind (1)

    by Lemonbread

    Listen to the quiet voices of the wind
    The lost sounds of hope and young love...

  • True Friendship (2)

    by Hannah

    What is the meaning of true friendship,
    now that i would like to know...

  • Michael the Arch Angel (8)

    by Michael D Nalley

    I want to be like the angel that was canonized a...
    As a messenger of God, what a picture I could...

  • Fire (2)

    by michelle

    The fire blazes
    Burning bright...

  • Take a breath
    Step away...

  • Strength (editeD) (1)

    by Juliet

    This could be the last time
    We ever see each other...

  • Black and White (2)

    by Lemonbread

    You open your eyes for nothing
    Waiting for a call, but no one rings...

  • Thank you,,* (1)

    by Catastrophic Beauty

    Just a little thank you poem to my family...

  • Dear God (5)

    by abullettotheheart

    If roses grow in heaven
    lord please pick a bunch for me...

  • A Dream on a Shooting Star (3)

    by StuPiD FrEaK

    Every time the night comes and covers the sky with...
    I see myself staring at those bright stars...

  • On My Mind (1)

    by Tyana

    Its just something about him
    that gets me every time...

  • Life is like writting with a pencil
    It takes time to learn how to control it...

  • Life (2)

    by Aaron Deevers

    Life is so sweet when young
    Everything seems so easy...

  • Summertime (1)

    by TwistedAngel xx

    (S) Sun shining in the sky
    (U) Underneath an umbrella in the shade...

  • Falling Away (8) 7

    by Beautiful Forever

    I've watched the world falling away,
    The fluorescent colors fading to gray...

  • The words they flow onto the page,
    And express the way I feel...

  • The Setting Sun (2)

    by McKenzieSerenity

    Looking out over treetops,
    You can see the sky at all times...

  • Catching the Wind (4)

    by McKenzieSerenity

    White mist whips around me,
    I am riding on faith...

  • A Forest Wedding (1)

    by McKenzieSerenity

    A forest of trees and grass and sunlight,
    The smell of autumn hangs heavy in the air...

  • Stay with me : ) (14)

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    I meet you a while back
    you were as sweet as can be...

  • From the moment you kissed me... (5)

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    So i have known you for a while
    we have had time to get to know each other...

  • Christmas (1)

    by Beautiful Forever

    Everyone gathers near,
    To laugh and cheer...

  • The Darkened Sky (1)

    by emilyy

    Beneath the darkened sky
    Is this image of you and i...

  • The wind (1)

    by alwayssofresh16

    I am just a leaf
    that feel from a green tree...

  • Loving Him (1)

    by Light A Way

    Whenever he puts,
    His soft,warm hands around my waist...

  • Those Words

    by Light A Way

    I always kept the words,
    The one's...

  • My Perfect Man (2)

    by Monique

    I remember the day when we had our first kiss
    It is a day that I don't really miss...

  • When I fell in Love (1)

    by Light A Way

    Summer nights,
    Laying outside with you...

  • Even More (1)

    by Light A Way

    When I feel like crying,
    Your shoulder is always there...

  • Around You (1)

    by Light A Way

    It feels so hard to breathe, whenever I'm around...

  • First Love (3)

    by Tom

    The days are long
    But the nights are longer...

  • Leap of Faith (6)

    by Devon

    How many roads would I need to take,
    Before she fall from grace...

  • Winter kiss (1)

    by Rattlehead

    As I sit with her on a bench in the park
    I look into her eyes and I feel a spark...

  • A Night to Remember (9)

    by Bre Monique

    The rain pours outside and the fire glows inside
    It's dark so she can barely see...

  • I'm lost in the Darkness,
    A place of vast plains...

  • Breath (2)

    by Midnight Sun

    You come from behind me
    Resting your head on mine...

  • Hand in Hand (56)

    by Karl Wild GG23

    As we sit in the snow white sand,
    And the waves crash upon the shore...

  • Life lessons (14)

    by Erica Jovie©

    As I've grown I've learned several things
    Life is full of dissapointments...

  • One chance (12) 1

    by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

    Look into your heart
    search your inner soul...

  • Jealousy (2)

    by Catie

    What is this after me?
    A green monster that I see...

  • Sleeves

    by Domenico Sottile

    There is freedom in departing
    From far away we learn we were once one...

  • Empty Spaces

    by darknessandshadows

    Empty spaces, surround me. Empty spaces is all I...
    Empty spaces, that once was filled, leaves me with...

  • Demons (1) 2

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I have demons
    But he doubts them...

  • The Numbness of Mind 1

    by Ezeani Sunday

    Since my brain can't cup anything
    Let me do the thing that I love doing...

  • Prisoner (5) 9 WIN

    by Thelma

    I had a nightmare
    last night that my hair...

  • The house I live in (2) 7 WIN

    by Yakari Gabriel

    The house I live in,
    is a dress that's loose...

  • There are two of you now,
    Ghosts hiding within the brownish green...

  • Ni Una Menos (5) 10 WIN

    by Karla

    This woman is not a woman.
    she is a sort of bendable agony...

  • Worthlessness (2) 5 HM

    by Yakari Gabriel

    It is not that someone directly tells you that you...
    you grow up and its not that you weren't pretty...

  • For the most part (4) 9 WIN

    by Yakari Gabriel

    I think that I am going to die alone...

  • Lies and suicides (4) 4 WIN

    by Saerelune

    This poem is fictional -
    I did not slice through my heart...

  • Drowning

    by Steph

    You're drowning,
    And very well-aware...

  • My Lost Sun (4)

    by WritingtheStars

    Life is about finding your sun-
    finding your happiness...

  • Tucked away safely
    within a closet...

  • Change of Heart (2)

    by Melissa

    I'm frightened by the things
    I cannot see...

  • Blanket

    by liliumity

    Sometimes, sadness
    is a weight...

  • Beautiful (9) 9 WIN

    by Aureus Argentum


  • Charity (8) 9 WIN

    by Melpomene

    I offered to you,
    -all I had...

  • Train... (1)

    by Jenna Balkin

    Melting rust.
    A beautiful characterization...

  • Broken Morse-code pierced the formaldehyde-stained...
    tracking the ever-dulling beats of your blessed...

  • Left (3) 2

    by Colm

    Be, be my side - just
    strum my fingertips...

  • The First Smile (10) 4 WIN

    by Sincuna

    Out of a bundle of firsts, the elementary, comes...
    of love. And everyone, the self proclaimed...

  • Postcard (6) 4 WIN

    by Melpomene

    The street lights don't hold us
    anymore; there are only clouds and curtains...

  • Be (1) 2

    by Rania Moallem

    A beat that leaps--way too far
    with hesitant promises and...

  • Iris (5) 4 WIN

    by mnemosyne

    Day stands atop its head
    plum-faced and emasculated...

  • Poetic Demise (1)

    by MyHalozChokinMe

    Shuffling through the pages
    of time immemorial...

  • Your composition (11) 1

    by Jenni

    These smooth tones
    are filling the room...

  • Silently (2)

    by Light A Way

    Tears are welled up inside me,
    Trying to keep them from falling...

  • Twilight. (10) 2

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Lemon drop rays
    smile upon cerulean...

  • Iced Tea (34) 10 WIN

    by Maple Tree

    This is not going to be elegant,
    nor polished, as sliver spoons...