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i love making friends, so don't hesitate to leave a comment, or pm me!!!

I have writing moods and I like to write when I'm in one. If I write when I'm not in one, it totally sucks. You can tell the difference between writing mood poems and non writing mood poems...


I might not be on very much this month, cuz i was on vaca a lot, and i have sports try outs and shtuff this week and next week.... so if i didn't get to say hi to yall, HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I LUVS YALL VELLY VELLY MUCH!!!!!


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  • "My knight in shining armor turned out to be a LOSER in aluminum foil."

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  • I hate you because you make me love you.

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  • Want to Make $$$$ with your Computer? No Risk! Simply press shift-4 four times in a row

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