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I love writing poetry but the downside is that i only write when i am down therefore I only have depressive poems. I smoke, i drink, i like weed and if you don't like it then piss off :) have a history of self harm but am really proud of myself that im not like that anymore :) if you have any questions about me just P.M. me :) thanks.

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  • Age : 18
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : Australia
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Latest Poems By Crystal

  • Treat your girl like a princess
    Don't ever let her go...

  • As darkness starts to seep on in, she tells of all...
    She wipes her tears and fakes a smile, showing...

  • The way you make me laugh
    And the way you make me smile...

  • I Wish (1)

    I wish for a better life,
    One which i can be proud...

  • The clouds are blowing over
    The wind is whooshing through...

Latest Quotes By Crystal

  • I try my best not to be down, but still i see they continue to frown.
    Can't be happy can't be sad, can't be cheerful or ever mad.
    Made to be perfect made to do right, maybe they'll be happier if i'm completely out of sight.

    10 years ago
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  • Hating life is not a crime, it's killing life that does the time..

    11 years ago
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