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I love writing poems, as I've matured I can appreciate poems much more and take more time over them, adding more feeling.
In my spare time i like to drive, sleep, watch t.v, go out, drink, smoke, watch dvds, shop and much more.
I start uni in september, i'll be 2 hours closer to my boyfriend and i can't wait!
Anything else you need to know just ask, failing that check out my myspace

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Latest Poems By SuicideQueen

  • I wanted to live
    A life more worthwhile...

  • Not committing but thinking

  • Tear my life up like a piece of paper,
    And throw it all away...

  • Decay (4)

    The Shadows Surround My Maggot Infested Body,
    As My Body Wastes Away In This Shallow Grave...

  • Slave to My Own Creation,
    Master to Nothing but My Heart...

Latest Quotes By SuicideQueen

  • I Wish I could wake up and still be dreaming
    Nothing in a dream can ever compare to the taunting reality i live every day

    14 years ago
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