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Blessed greetings friend! My name is Matthew Hall, and I am a dedicated poet. I'm not sure entirely what to fill in this box, but if you seek any personal questions, I'd encourage such things in a more private manner. Can't exactly go about airing my personal life about, haha.

I'm also an old time member of this site, my first account was deleted long ago, back when ItalianStallion was moderator. Anyhoo. It is good to be back again, and if any of my old friends still remember me, then holler! ^_^

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  • Age : 26
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  • Country : USA, Georgia
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Latest Poems By Celtic Warrior

  • Im floating in this solid black void,
    And my body is completely numb...

  • I want to scream and slice,
    slice and dice...

  • My home! my home! the place I go to for sanctem,
    Where are my woods, Gaia's requiem...

  • I woke last night, in sweat and tears,
    Though it was a dream, I still shook in fear...

  • In your mind, in your skin,
    It crawls, it feeds...

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