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I am a guy that has love over everything and that cares for all his friends
I have had bad experiences with love but the lady i have in my mind lately is the one that save my life not fiscally but emotionally
I like to help people by hearing their problems and if i am able try to find a solution

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  • Age : 20
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Argentina
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Latest Poems By Axel

  • Ain (1) 1

    For 7 years, we had a blast
    And now my tears, their flow won't stop...

  • There are cracks
    Holes on my mental walls...

  • My Sable (2) 3

    Her frame slender and tall
    Her hair long to her waist, dark as coal...

  • She stares at me through my window
    Her eyes constant throughout the night...

  • Lost in the idea of having you
    You told me it won't happen...

Latest Quotes By Axel

  • I hate when i realize i am not the best for the one i love. I keep wondering why i care more about the others happyness rather than mine, it really dont make me happy to let go the one i love most

    6 years ago
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  • Love is a hard game just as life you must find your way to win and achieve you goal, my goal win her heart

    7 years ago
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