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Im from South Africa, and my dream is to become a model...I love rytin poetry and tellin my thoughts and wat goes through in my mind through poetry...I belive the best sound come from rytin word...The spoken word is also my favourite i love recitin as well ive just never found the audience who is willing to listen you know...Oh well plz Comment and read my poems i really put alot of thought in to it...soo plz enjoy and give me a shout out...i would love to hear from all of you!! ;)--------------------My favourite poem i would have to say is My final moments because it made me cry..kinda silly i know.. but i just love it soo much and i cant believe i wrote it... my favourtie poet .. gosh i have soo many but i like EpithetPoet, Taylor, Chloe, and just soo much more...i dont have a big page to ryt them all...thnx for you guys support i really appreciate it.. ecspeccially Taylor... much love...and EpithePoet ...i could never forget yu guys.. anyway..lata people!...keep them votes and comments coming...* 1 *

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  • Age : 13
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  • Country : Jamaica
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  • I dont kno really, and funny thing is i really feel like i have no purpose in life and people in the past were so brillant and im just a waste of life

    - Nyrobi

    *love yu L *

    15 years ago
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  • " wen people do dumb shit its ignorance, u just have to be smart enough to see it, "

    - Nyrobi

    *love this one..*

    15 years ago
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  • " the human race is too bent on destroyin what they dont understand "

    - Nyrobi

    *Just somem strong words from a close frend "

    15 years ago
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