Other Dark Quotes

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  • Darkness is nothing but the emptiness of life.

    by Allison
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  • You cant spell slaughter without laughter...

    by Felicia
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  • And as she screams,
    He leaves her bleeding,
    She falls asleep but never dreaming.

    by Suzie Q
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  • What is this illusion called the Innocence of Youth..
    Maybe someday in our beliefs we will find the truth...

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  • Maybe if I whisper, you'll hear my screams for help

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  • Embrace me and i will decay you.

    by Fiol
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  • The Only Promise In Life Is Death...

    by Wendy
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  • Daddy's little reject

    by Bexx
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  • If You kill me, i wont press charges

    by anna
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  • "I am no more a witch than you are a wizard and if you take away my life, God will give you blood to drink."

    -Sarah Good, executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

    by Silver
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