Other Dark Quotes

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  • It's weird how you say that you hate the boy who broke your heart,
    when he runs back to you,
    your arms are wide open..

    -To Kristina

    by Rose
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  • I have never been good, but today i will try my best to be sweet.

    by Fiol
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  • Forsake me... forget me...
    leave me... release me...

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  • "I am but the ghost of an unfortunate being that has already died twice. My existence in this world is the ultimate punishment for his sins."

    by Shadow
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  • A pen stroke to create worlds...a flick of the wrist to demolish them.

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  • Whats the point in life
    you get picked up
    thrown to the ground
    picked up again and fall in love
    have your heart broken
    decide its too hard
    and then choose to die
    once again i ask
    whats the point?

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  • Try to heal my hearts sores, but only you scorch it's flesh once more

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  • Join the obsesion of all that we are,
    The sick relgion of the abbitar,
    Theres more to life than meets the eye,
    Mess with me then prepare to die.

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  • "You can tell the same lie a thousand times and it never gets anymore true."

    by Matthew
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  • I miss the kiss of treachery, the sweet, warm kiss of vanity, the soft and dark and velvety up close against my skin.

    by Rosie
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