Old Cemetary Road

by Maple Tree

Luna called to me, during a dark night;

The crows were hauntingly beautiful
Mother moon knew of such misery
that sickened my soul, blackened
the very essence of me.

Full moon wanderings led
this skeletal frame to you-

I was an anorexic love child
starving for someone to adore
just a portion of my dying existence-

Your eyes spoke of a cancerous fever
that dimmed our light, but within a ghostly
audience, we managed to breathe in unison;
Broken birds whisper tales of a new love,
upon a tombstone of a stranger.

Two, pale corpses confess to live
together, forever as one-

In a graveyard on Old Cemetery Road.


note: My Husband and I confessed our love
to each other in a Cemetery On Old Cemetery Road
in Frankfort, New York- Seven years ago.

He was ill when we met, but he wasn't diagnosed
with cancer until 3 months after we married.

We were both dying inside until we met each other..

Our love story has a darkness but thats what makes
he and I continue to love each other daily...


Submission date : 2017-01-05

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ddavidd ( F P ) at 2017-01-09

Congratulation dear Maple.

Maple Tree ( F P C D ) at 2017-01-09

Thank you Mr Swan, hugs you

Golden AnGel Rhapsodist ( F P C D ) at 2017-01-09

A stunning piece Andrea..

Em ( F P C D ) at 2017-01-09

Congratulations <3

deeplydesturbed ( F P C D ) at 2017-01-09

Congrats on the win with this Andrea. I loved it in the group comp and you won, and now it won on the home page!

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