Gators/ Tim Tebow (Acrostic)

by Stephanie

This poem is for GATOR FANS AND FREAKS (that includes me) all over the GATOR NATION!!!! GO GATORS!!!!!
Go Gators,
Across the football green,
Teamwork is our favorite theme
Offensive throws and defensive blocks
Running smart; those UF crocs
Swamp invaders; yes, it's a Florida Gator

Tim Tebow,
Intelligence, full of smart,
Much love filling my heart

Touchdowns are easy for this guy
Every football player piled on high,
Beating and pushing to get his way,
Offense is his game,
Wondrous Tim Tebow is his name

In case you haven't noticed already, in the 1st section, Gators is spelled out in the 1st letters. In the last 2 sections, Tim Tebow is spelled out in the 1st letters. I LOVE TIM TEBOW!!!!! HE IS SUCH A HEART THROB!!!!! MY #1 IS #15!!!!!


Submission date : 2007-11-10
Last edit : 2007-11-10

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His Angel ( F C D ) at 2013-01-11

Ahhhhhh i know what you mean girl!