This Is How to Fly

by Beautiful Forever   May 23, 2010

She said, "This is how to fly"

We walk while holding hands
The sun is brilliant today
This is where I want to be
Holding her hand...

No one told me
She was going to leave
They all kept smiling
As if everything was fine
The truck came
The kid didn't see
She ran
Leaving me...

The road was covered in red
She was gasping for air
I couldn't stop the tears
I took her hand...

She said, "This is how to fly"

I cried... then screamed
Nothing could help me now
My mind will never be free
This is not how to fly...

The kid was in her arms
His ball safe across the street
They were both gone
No one knew what to do
The ambulance came
They were lost too...

I looked up
Screamed at God
Grabbed my gun
And shot the sky

Then I screamed, "This is how to fly"

I climbed the tower
I confessed my broken heart
I cried tears like raindrops
I was prepared

They begged me to stop
Pleaded me to stay
But they don't know
This is my life
It is over now
I'm sure they knew...

I gasped for air
I stepped off the ledge
No one was smiling
I was falling

I said, "This is how to fly"


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by sinwins

    Your poem made me want to cry.... it was very good but also sad

  • 8 years ago

    by Trampled Angel

    Wow. This poem was wonderful in the respect that you found a unique and tender way to express your feelings and story. Everyone has a story, the challenge is in the telling of it. I enjoyed this poem very much, though I am sorry if its content reflects any of the reality that you have experienced in your life thus far.