A Conversation

by William Mae   Aug 29, 2014

A Conversation

Two glasses filled sat closely near each other,
They spoke their greetings commonly as brothers,
One was just plain water and no more,
The other bright red wine which had been poured.

The wine spoke to the water with these words,
Let's talk of our history on this earth.
Most often said the wine I own the night,
Where many a soul yields to my might.

I've taken men and women of great fame,
My heavy influence ruining their good name.
I've snatched the crowns from many stately kings,
With a laugh I gave each one a fling.

Enticed the young at heart to only taste,
Knowing lack of wisdom was their grace.
Planes have crashed and ships were lost at sea,
With no help other than the help from me.

I've gathered souls along roads far and wide,
A number you can't count that I made cry.
I'm cheered at most gatherings you may find,
With chants yelling "bring to us more wine."

I've taken men from mansions unto alleys,
Losing track it's far too great to tally.
I push the gates of hell open wide,
Hand in hand I walk each soul inside.

The greatest attributes and virtues fall,
Beneath the power of my cunning call.
I don't think you can boast said the wine,
To half the deeds near as great as mine.

I could not, nor would I boast of these,
Said the water of these dreadful deeds.
But I can tell of many souls once sad,
That finding me turned their hearts to glad.

I've soothed the brow on many heated days,
Quenched the thirst for people along life's way.
Cleansed the mountains with my drops of rain,
Refreshing every valley, every plain.

Turning deserts to prosperous lands of worth,
Providing grain to feed the poor on earth.
Many that the wine came to degrade,
I baptize as answer to their faith.

I wash, soothe, cleanse the souls I find,
Different states the water, from the wine.
I float ships to sail across the seas,
I give instead of take in all my deeds.

I show the beauty beneath the dirt and mud,
I have purpose even with the flood.
Without me life would falter on this earth,
I am present at every single birth.

From stem to brim in every glass you'll find,
I am not the same as the wine.
I've never had a thought to ruin a man,
But to elevate has always been my plan.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    William left me speechless this week, with this amazing piece of poetry! I was blown away by the mesmerizing comparison of wine and water and the metaphors were excellent! I tied this piece into political views, spiritual views and the basic concept of simple versus extravagant... I cant say enough with this poem... just dazzling!!

  • 3 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Judging comment:

    A consistent rhyme throughout this piece; it's not too often I read rhyme so this was a treat! I like how you take two seemingly common objects, water and wine, and personify them to show their virtues and even vices. The power and influence of wine alone is apparent in these stanzas. The only critique I have concerns the final lines. I feel the ending is too abrupt and does not conclude this conversation between water and wine, doesn't give enough "closure" so to speak. Maybe add another stanza of the departure of the wine and water? Or which one holds more honor since you have stated in the final lines that the water's purpose is different, seemingly more noble, to lift man up. Thoughtful piece! (4)

  • 4 years ago

    by nourayasmine

    "Even though I think this poem needs some editing, (it's too long and some images are repeated), and I didn't like seeing the first letter of each line capitalized, (it's old school and somewhat distracting), I think it deserves to be highlighted, because the thought is terrific. Some repetitions worked well, maintaining the meaning you're trying to convey, but some of them were unnecessary and seemed forced to keep the poem rhyming. Anyway. What I got from this piece is that all that glitters is not gold and we usually ignore the precious gifts and beauty we're surrounded by, not knowing that they're the reason we're surviving, blinded by what's fake and temporarily pleasing. Loved it, and loved that you turned this into a conversation. Good job." - 4 points.

  • 4 years ago

    by gumshuda

    I wash, soothe, cleanse the souls I find,
    Different states the water, from the wine.

    Those lines were just too good...
    An excellent poem

  • 4 years ago

    by alka mendiratta

    What a lovely ,meaningful flowing conversation.
    An excellent write with so much to depth .

    The message to humanity is exuberant

    "I give instead of take in all my deeds "

    Superb :))