by Scott Cole   Feb 5, 2015

For each one of us
It starts with a breath,
And only gets shorter
The more that we get.

It's something so simple
Yet so complexed,
It makes up our day
And on to the next.

It's past and present
All rolled into one,
Our journey in life
All that we've done.

It's steady and sure
As a matter of fact,
Always moving forward
To where we are at.

It's a glimmer of hope
Of whats yet to come,
Or a lifetime of memories
From when it begun.

It's equal to all
That still press on,
But cut short to those
That's already gone.

It can't pass you by
Cause it is what we do,
Our blueprint in history
All we've been through.

It's our measure of space
Our document of action,
Our period of chance
Until our extraction.

So use it all wisely
For we have but a share,
So bask in the moment
And take in some air.

It's a gift not a given
Been known to fly,
So it can strike you down
In the mist of your prime.

So live laugh and love
With each ticking hand,
And enjoy your piece
As long as you can.

It fades over years
The older we get,
When it's all lived up
Then that's all of it.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    So very true, Time waits for no one and we have to make
    use of it wisely and for some there are not enough time.
    Well penned!

    • 1 year ago

      by Scott Cole

      Thanks that was one of my older poems when I was just getting started. I'm glad they still bring pleasure to listening ears...

  • 2 years ago

    by Ren

    This is such a refreshing piece that captures the essence of time and causes an almost nostalgic realization...
    I've tried to write poems about time before, and have never been able to bring to life the ever ticking hands of time like you have.
    Very wonderfully written with a great flow and vivid imagery.
    It also serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, don't sweat the small stuff, and live it up while you can.
    "So live laugh and love, with each ticking hand, and enjoy your share, for as long as you can"
    No words truer than that line right there :)
    Take care!

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