Noster Nostri

by JaneDoeWrites   May 6, 2015

I dream of a serene place
where the Earth's rotation slows,
where the great cosmic hourglass is laid
on its side and the sand within is allowed
to settle...


It is here I imagine us,
no longer suffocated by the minute and hour
hands- time becomes a hushed forest stream,
secretly weaving through the dense pines.

United in this place where tranquility grows
in abundance, where wheat fields dance in unison
with the breath of the world, here we are left untroubled;
basking in the blithe of our existence.

Let your acoustic lullabies echo the skies as
I craft flower crowns and collect feathers,
and promise to love my daydreamer soul
the way the planet loves her deer,
her turtles,
her birds.

And when the night
draws the curtain on our still day,
I will wrap myself in your aura
beneath the moon and sparkling lanterns,
thankful for every pebble that nicked
my feet along the way.

*A/N: "Noster Nostri" is latin for "our hearts beat as one."*


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by cassie hughes

    The imagery in this is just beautiful. The way you have combined love with nature is just superb and I love the easy way it flows. A masterpiece Crystal and one for my favourites.

  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Really, genuinely brilliant again, Crystal. The imagery you evoke really does strike as effortless. I could pick any line practically but the whole of the second stanza does it for me. 6 out of 5!

  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Great descriptions of nature in this piece, and you are so good at really going into depth with each point you make, it is like you give us an image, or a thought, and then express it even more so we can clearly place ourselves in this situation!

    I also like how you compared our love to the way nature loves, that was beautiful, and again, you gave examples so it was nice to picture and know exactly what you meant. Beautiful!

    I adore your ending!! How sweet, just to be thankful of everything that has been handed your way, even the unpleasant things too. The imagery at the end is just so captivating and relaxing, just so fairy-tale like! The night sky was peaceful and I could feel the atmosphere just calm and quiet as the night grants your dreams.

    I also love the creativity of your title, and using the different language, it gives the poem a nice unique spin to it, and works amazing for the title because if we want to know what it means we have to come and find out!

    This write is beautiful!!