Autumn Yellow Stories

by Rania Moallem   Sep 21, 2016

Speak to me
of the Autumn yellow stories
that hide in your shallow
but inalienable eyes.

Unfold their mystery
so I understand the little secrets
that cling to my soul,
like your perfume to my hand...

in obscure prayer patterns..
in darkness lit by fake stars
and colorful paper lanterns.

Light a candle,
and as the candle dies
sing aching symphonies,
hum tired tunes
and burdened sighs.

Speak of things
I don't understand.
Like how dry your rivers are,
and how barren is your land.

Grieve the buried treasure
of happiness and mirage.
Confess your grins,
and pleasure, as though
they were sins.

Speak of cold,
of Winter and Fall,
speak of death and Autumn
like you need some more.

Speak of yellow stories
that touch the soul.
Speak, speak, speak,
speak nothing at all.

Fall to your knees
as if I'm vast and sacred
like a breaking sky,
shatter to the ground
and carefully rise

As though I have secretly
accepted the feeble plea,
your silent apologize.

by: Rania Moallem


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