by CRAFTY KEN   May 24, 2017


Tiny are they, from your delicious blood it is almost impossible to keep them away. Their small buzz is heard during the daylight hours but when you are asleep into your room they creep, then like a blender they sound in your ear.

Much fear do they generate, its heard on the Daily News, a repellent is one option to use. Many in the worlds jungles get eaten alive and many do not survive, be careful when you bring inside that potted plant, you may bring in an ant or more but deep in the pot a nest of skeeters may hide.

A net can keep the little pests outside but be careful when to the toilet you must roam, they smell you anywhere in your home, they will remind you that you are not alone. When back under the net you go, some stranger hides in your hair only to bite you in an open spot in your underwear.

Author Ken
May 24, 2017


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