by Matt Carroll   Aug 1, 2017

Crippling under this weight, the pressures too much
This need for your affection, tender warmth of your touch
All things that you promised, but your words were in vain
Leaving me here all alone in despair with with this pain

The fault is my own, I should have known all too well
Too good to be true, like a fool I fell under your spell
These knots in my stomach, like the ache in my heart
Are a cold, cruel reminder of us drifting further apart

Buckled under the load that bears down on my soul
Brought to my knees by broken promises that you would make me whole
I know not where to begin, to repair the damage you have done
What was your endgame, toying with my feelings, just for fun?

I wish I could be angry and say I just don't care
To turn away from you as you have me, to make it fair
But like a fool, I gather up what's left of me in such false hope
These now unrequited feelings crushing me, no other way to cope


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    I love this piece, even in being heart-broken your rhyme and rhythm shined. Sorry to know it's you at the moment, Matt. :-(