by Courtney Hough   Sep 12, 2017

I’ve got a hard surface,
Live at the bottom of the sea.
And in me is some sand,
Beautiful soon just for me.

Others shells are whole,
No cracks no moss.
Perfect the stick their tongues out,
“You’re worthless and will be tossed.”

Time starts to pass,
And their gathered as one.
Yet I’m alone in the dark,
Listening to whales hum.

When waves were violent,
They had eachother.
And I only my outer shell,
Where I’d take cover.

Violently tossed,
Through strong waves.
Holding tight my treasure,
My gift I would save.

The time has come,
And a diver swims down.
Picking up all of them,
Off the sandy ground.

He then spots me,
The only one alone.
He puts me in the bag,
My gift will have a home!

I’ve worked so hard,
Never did I rest!
I did all I was told,
Withstood every test!

He brings us up,
Onto the boat we go.
He dumps us out,
“let’s see what we found below!”

He opens the others,
“Look at this gorgeous and big!”
The oyster only glares at me,
Saying, “you can’t beat that kid.”

They keep opening,
Until all was done.
I lay there waiting,
“look we missed one.”

They pick me up,
“it’s ugly, throw it back.”
The others giggle,
“It has to many cracks.”

As I’m opened,
My shell breaks more.
I hope they like my gift,
They have a surprise in store.

“What? A black pebble?”
They shove my gift back.
They throw me over,
The others laugh.

“No!” I hear yelling.
“What have you done?
That had a black pearl,
The rarest one!”

I sink further down,
“we thought it was bad!”
My gift falls beside me,
“Didn’t know the rarity we had.”

The voice calls back,
“the more it’s broken.
The harder it squeezed,
Producing the most beautiful token.

And now she’s lost,
Swallowed by the sea.”
I guess others just can see,
The beauty in broken me.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Mark

    Like this! The story... The metaphor. The way you write...broken you is beautiful ;-)

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