Business Of The Mind

by William Mae   Sep 21, 2017

Business Of The Mind

A busied mind is enemy to passion,
Locking out feelings and desire,
A mind filled with thoughts of daily business,
Leaves no room where love might inspire.

Nighttime holds many untold stories,
With minds quiet passion becomes unrest,
Emotions mix and stir up deepened feelings,
Two lovers seek to consummate their quest.

Sweated sighs as two explore each other,
Ecstasies a mountain slowly climbed,
Solitude affords the time that's needed,
And all this takes place inside the mind.

Skin to skin in locked embrace,
With whispers of what's needed,
These moments build and towers yield,
And both the souls are seeded.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    I liked the opening of this poem and I was wondering where this
    was leading to and now I got it. You are right when we are busy we lock out
    everything we even lock out those we love too until its too late.

    The night has many ways to come and get us every shadow, every light
    every flutter of the curtain why even the moon can stir many a feeling..liked
    this write and I'm so glad to see you picking up your pen once again!! :)

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