Birds of a feather (dedicated to Andrea)

by Michael   Nov 7, 2017

A Raven-ous croaking;
echoes of haunted

Frenetic flapping-
they flock.

Clack and snap
at her twigs
of tranquillity!

drooled from their
carrion minable!


dark humour.


Scavengers of a
heinous pecking

I prey!

Feathers ruffled.

For she is a mother-
an Eagle.

Now landed.

Huffin and Puffin..
they take to the sky.

An unfancied


good riddance!

* Please not this is a re-post and slightly edited -
a dedication to Andrea and her family*

Also - not to be nominated. Thank you
Michael :)


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Brenda

    Michael, love the way this came together. It's always wise not to mess with a mama.

    • 11 months ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Miss Brenda.. haha yes indeed ;)x

  • 11 months ago

    by Maple Tree

    I love it.and so does Bird, Michael my daughter is very blunt and has a wicked sense of humor, still....

    She said Mom, nominate that B**** it's off the chain.. she loved it

    To have poetry is to touch grant peace to those who suffer, you have done just that, we thank you

    • 11 months ago

      by Michael

      Miss Andrea,

      That's great to hear, and wishing all the very best...all of the time :)x

  • 11 months ago

    by Em

    a powerful, beautiful and emotional dedication.

    • 11 months ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Em x

  • 11 months ago

    by Mark

    Love your words Michael. Great of you to dedicate this to a fellow poet

    • 11 months ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Mark :)

  • 11 months ago

    by deeplydesturbed

    I barely go t half way through and decided it had to be nominated..
    So i did.. then i read, not to be nominated.. :( SORRY!!!!

    Thatll teach me not to jump the gun!!!

    IT is a lovely piece and im sure Andrea will love it..

    • 11 months ago

      by Michael

      haha Miss impatient.
      Anyway thank you nams and no worries :)x

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