For The Win!

by Lemon Squeezy   Dec 28, 2017

A thick vale of darkness the absence of Light,
A deep void adorned in presence of night,
The vast eternity of deep silent space, Nothing had form nor likeness to trace.

No vibrations of sound or motion at all,
Tis hollow abyss yet no echoes recall,
Then piercing the darkness a Voice rings out,
"Let there Be Light"comes a clear crisp shout.

This Voice with such power and great beauty,
The Light has no choice but achieve its duty.
Soon began the battle, the struggle, the fight,
The Arena, Time, the champs, Day vs. Night.

Gathered round to witness, were waters and seas,
The dry ground the plants and even the trees,
The Voice sees all is good and wills it be so,
Thus marked the beginning of All that we know.

Down thru the ages the Voice continued His sentence,
Echoing thru time without slightest repentance,
That same Voice that spoke all to Be,
Spoke a plan of redemption for you and for me.

The Voice sent the Word to light up the World,
Thus, into darkness The Light was then hurled.
The Word the Voice spoke, flesh it became,
Yet, The Voice, The Word and The Light are the same.

The Light then extinguished, for only a season,
The Voice went silent, but for a grand reason.
The Word sealed tight in the lips of A tomb,
But that was the day that Death met his doom.

Gathered round to witness, Eleven faithful and true,
Losing their Master, marking the end of All they Knew.
His Mother present too, weeping in sorrow,
Thinking certainly there can be no tomorrow.

The darkness returned the whole earth around,
Celebrating his win, sealing Light in the ground,
Darkness seduced by his own foolish arrogance,
Ignorant and blind to the his perilous circumstance.

Suddenly, piercing the darkness right to the heart,
Light burst from His tomb, tearing darkness apart.
"Victory," the Voice shouted, smiling from on high.
Knowing from the start the Word couldn't die.

This long fought battle's tables were turned,
The day Light came forth and Darkness was burned.
Down for a few rounds, but not for final count,
The Word came out on top, his Victory paramount.

Gathered round to witness, are we all today,
Our victor, our Champion, knowing he reigns to stay.
No longer blinded by darkness and crippling sin.
Because, The Light of the World took home the Win!

(C) 2017 Lemon Squeezy All Rights Reserved .


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A vibrant rhyned tale of a battle between light and darkness that kept me captivated from start to finish. It conjured for me the feel of an epic movie full of conflict and vivid dynamics. Milly x

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