Little bird

by naaz   Nov 8, 2017

Sweetheart, let me sing you a lullaby
on a night of November.
Do not fear of this loneliness,
I will always be with you - remember.

I know we are far from the lights,
but if death comes I will warn her.
Pumpkin, do not forget,
I am your lantern even in the darkest corner.

In this melancholy of the Autumn,
I paint roses with tears of the moon.
Oh Moon-flower, once the spring comes;
little buds won't take much longer to bloom.

Hey Little bird, hold my hand
and try to fall in your pearly glow sleep.
You will fly once again at oceans' end; your
dreams reach the shores - nothing is to weep.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Noureddine

    Autumn is a very speial season that s why I like to read poems with autumn as subject...good writtong carry on plz

  • 4 years ago

    by Mortal Utopia

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful...

  • 4 years ago

    by gumshuda

    I. am. so. glad. that this one received praise on the weekly features. It indeed is well-deserved.

  • 5 years ago

    by sparrow

    Omg I am speechless

  • 5 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I just reread this poem and would like to leave you more in depth feedback. It is a beautiful poem full of excellent imagery and most definitely deserves its win. The opening stanza immediately conjures images of a loved one speaking to a child. What a warm welcoming start. "Sweetheart, let me sing you a lullaby" Sweet heart being an endearment reserved for those we love and a lullaby is so relaxing and comforting especially on a cold winters night in November. "Do not fear this loneliness I will always be with you remember" sets the scene that maybe the child or the mother is going away perhaps ill but there is a fear there with the child at least that she will be alone and this her mother wishes to dispel.

    2nd Stanza. "I know we are far from the lights but if death comes I will warn her" Tells that they are in a dark place whether metaphorically because of the situation that they are in or because they have found themselves far from the place that they belong with fear of death at their heels. Again the endearment "Pumpkin, do not forget, I am your lantern even in the darkest corner" this is an assurance that no matter how dark things get that she will be the lantern of light. This conjures up such strong feelings of love, that wish to protect and reassure that everything will be alright.
    3rd Stanza This is heart wrenching. "In this melancholy of the Autumn I paint roses with tears of the moon" the visuals here are so vivid. A sign that the mother is experiencing a loss. How beautiful an image "I paint roses with the tears of the moon" breathtakingly good. In those nine words you can read a whole chapter in grief. The final two lines of this stanza "Oh Moon-flower, once the spring comes little buds wont take much longer to bloom" is almost saying to her child hang on there don't let go if you hang on that little bit longer you will get to see the little buds blooming. This adds to the feelings of sadness of her child slowly slipping away.
    The final stanza again that little term of endearment "Hey little bird, hold my hand and try to fall in your pearly glow sleep" The recognition that the end is here that once the child falls asleep that she wont wake again. A promise that the child will once again be able to race across the beaches that pain and weeping will be gone. A heart wrenching brilliantly executed piece that absolutely has to reside in my favourites. Very well done. Best wishes Milly x

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