Dead to the world.

by Michael   Jul 2, 2018

My head falls back-
through a cloud,
as darkness migrates across the border
that separates the state of my mind, settling
down for another night.

I am a castaway;
marooned on the shores
of my unconscious world
where the sun lies dormant.

waves begin to roll like a camera,
and images develop with speed
shooting out from nowhere;
(but stored somewhere).

I scroll through abstract stories, that stem from
the banks of my memories
similar to a pop-up book, however colours are diluted
to a shade of monochrome
with no script.

Blurry scenes unfold, rich in peculiarity-
pictures are bountiful with such bizarre tales,
although many visions touch boundaries of clarity
with a vivid texture of reality
especially unexpected guests who rummage
around in the archives
showing their faces..

..even former partners, can be seen snapping away
at me!

the feeling can be so profound. Evocative in nature, with
sensations that ripen, with vigour.

Often I’ll tumble through the air,
feeling a draught of realness-
my pulse races faster than a runaway train
carrying my heart as cargo.




..from being dead to the world!


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  • 6 months ago

    by gumshuda

    Judging comment:

    There is this crisp rawness to this piece — like fried bitter gourd — and many of us have felt this feeling described by the poet sometime in our lives, and it is raw, bitter, and unpleasant but we still need to chew on this feeling whenever it decides to stay with us.
    I personally loved certain descriptions and imagery — castaway on shores, waves rolling like a camera, memories displayed like pop-up books, images of former partners — such raw expressions. And the poem kept getting better and better as I moved on towards the end, with perfect words to describe the feeling of being lost as one is falling from great heights, and wishing to wake up to all of it as if it was just a bad dream. But it isn't, is it?

  • 6 months ago

    by Maple Tree

    judging comment-

    Savory words mixed with touching thoughts,
    the metaphor is dazzling with visually stimulating word messages-

    Life is exhausting and can be draining when you lay awake and overthink or just ponder.
    Hallucinating visual masterpiece...Love this!!

  • 8 months ago

    by deeplydesturbed

    This is fantastic. congrats on the win.

    • 8 months ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Nams :0x

  • 8 months ago

    by Ren

    Phenomenal work as always, Michael!! So so sooo beautifully done!! Congrats on the win!! :) and also...(<3) ^love button has been clicked!!

    • 8 months ago

      by Michael

      Miss Ren, lovely words as ever, and thank you :)x

  • 8 months ago

    by Ya----Na

    Congrats Michael

    • 8 months ago

      by Michael

      Thank you SG :)

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