A Year of Darkness; Her Date with Death

by Maple Tree   Aug 27, 2018


He comes in forms of fake smiles
false promises, and a quick fix of a needle,
cheap cologne and a back alley gig-
for one ounce of hallucinations.

He tricks you into thinking
you are nothing, and a handgun
gets you your next meal,
strung out in a filthy motel.

Death taunts you into thinking
your mother doesn't love you
while you ignore her endless
phone calls....

He allows you to be clean
while he drowns you in cancer,
stripping you of body parts
dignity, and innocense.

Death becomes your addiction
a slow vodka IV- flicker of eyelashes,
as memories of your life fade
like the ending of a really sad movie.

Death grins
as a mother falls apart daily,
writing poetry for his victim;
as he chokes her slowly-

just a crackhead he whispers-
just a statistic on the streets
another bald one in line for chemothearpy
waiting for that final dirt toss upon a coffin.

Death makes her child beg for an ending
because it's far more beautiful
than a dime bag, crack pipe or
radiation burns to the face.


Death doesnt know the power of love
that a daughter has for her mother,
daily collect calls from a jail cell
whispering her name, just so her momma
can hear her voice..

He doesn't get to choose the words
that her mother pens of how
he cheats a precious soul into thinking
that he is the only way out.

A mother reminds her daughter
that she is a fighter from
the moon and stars-

and what darkness has taken,
light will grant anew-

Death is no match for
the strength and love
between a Mother and her child;

she will continue to live on
in every stanza, every poem
and every single ending
this mother will ever write;

until the day I go on a date with death
to hug my child once again....


This poem was written based on conversations
between myself and my daughter Robyn,
in regards to her fight with addiction, Cancer
and dying- Its graphic but its reality, thank you for reading
and please hug the ones you love daily- <3


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  • 7 months ago

    by Angie

    I love you!

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    by yogi73

    Wow! Amazing!

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    by Mark

    Hugs on this win :(

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    by - Mr. Darcy

    Congratulations x

  • 7 months ago

    by Maple Tree

    I want to thank all of you for commenting, for your precious hearts and kind words...

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