Hold the gold!

by CRAFTY KEN   Mar 15, 2019

Hold the gold!

When King Solomon’s reign did begin, the Lord said, ask me for whatever your heart’s desire, for I will give you mountains of gold, more than all your vaults could hold.
Solomon said; Lord, as King of your people, wisdom is what I need. This request greatly pleased the Lord, so he made him the *wisest man that ever lived, and, added health, long life, and, great wealth.

The test of his great wisdom came, when two women had a dispute over two babies, one baby had died, and, the second woman, put her dead child by the first woman's side at night. Both went to King Solomon's Court to claim the baby that was alive. When the King said to divide the child for each to share, the first woman cried out; no, give her the child, the second woman said; divide the child, Solomon said; give the child to the first woman, she is the mother. The people were in awe, they had never seen such wisdom, and, great justice displayed before.

Solomon’s great wisdom to Pharaoh’s eyes did appeal, an alliance they did form, Pharaoh’s daughter was given, to seal the deal.
When the Queen of Sheba arrived, she had itching ears from Solomon’s wisdom to hear, his words left her with much to say, many praises to God she gave that day.
Solomon’s many wives from all the Nations, did not please the Lord, they brought their Idol worshiping with them. He disobeyed, upon the high places with them, to their God’s Altar, sacrifices he laid, this dishonor for the Lord had a heavy price to be paid.

After many times of battle and strife, the Lord restored Solomon as King over Israel for the second time, his kingdom prospered, he reigned, never to worship false Idols again, to this day, no man like him, has ever come our way.

*This poem is based upon the Old Testament Book of 1st Kings verses 3 to 28.
Author Ken
March 15, 2019


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