Who am i?

by Just That Girl   Jan 13, 2005

If I'm real
I'll walk in
When the rest of
The world walks out

If I'm true
I'll be there with you
In think and thin

I'll believe in you
Even if you stop
Believing in your self

I won't walk in front of you
'Cause you may not follow

I won't walk behind you
'Cause u may not lead

But I'll walk beside you
And be a shoulder

If there isn’t trust
Then I'm defiantly not there

You don’t make me
You earn me

Destiny may choose relatives
But you chose me

If you care and think about me
I'll care for you

But seeing you hurt
Is like seeing you cry

I may walk away
But leave footsteps in your heart
You may not realize how special I am
Till I leave

Sometimes it's good to leave
To give you a chance to see
How much special I can be

Don’t ever be anxious to
Come to me and cry

Don’t ever be uncertain to
Look at me in the eyes

Don’t ever be afraid to
Tell me how you feel

Have you guessed yet?

I may mean the world to you
I may know so much about you
That you won't let me leave you

I will be what matters
In the end
I am the one you will turn to
In the end

The best ones
See the hurt in your eyes
But others
Are fooled by your smiles

I'm someone who cares
And always dares
To ask you what's wrong
Also tells you to always be strong

I would pick you up
When you fall
And if I couldn't
Then I'll rest beside you
And talk for awhile

I'm the medicine of life
I'll be close to your heart
No matter how far we can be

You must not trust me
Look inside
Try and find
The real person
Hidden inside me

If you have me
You're not a failure

I'm like a four leaf clover
You're lucky to have me
But hard to find me

Only I will tell you
If your face is dirty

I am the rose of life
Pick me carefully
But stay away from the thrones

The worst thing
Is to lose me

I mean the world to you
You put all you trust and faith
In me

You believed in me
From the start

I took the center of your heart
You'd die for me
You want to keep me for ever!

Who am I?

*srry if iz too long...if u guessed it let me know...btw thanx for reading....*

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  • 13 years ago

    by Missjayne28

    Wow this is good i can see why so many people like it! keep it up mate :)

  • 13 years ago

    by Bizarre

    hey great poem. keep writing.

  • 13 years ago


    it doesnt matter if its long poem,because its very good...but for me sad......

  • 13 years ago

    by Victoria

    Beautiful poem a great write!!

    take care

  • 13 years ago

    by Just That Girl