Depression is a deadly disease

by isabel   Aug 27, 2007

The black sound of ashes, while I was asleep
Were the pills too strong or the cut too deep?
Did I choke because of words left to say?
Or because of the fight we had yesterday

Maybe I was too weak, maybe I was shy
All I know is I just had to die
You said I wasn't sick, depression made no harm
You only noticed when you heard the fire alarm

I only know I died because of the pain inside
In the police report was written: suicide
When I was being buried, I heard you cry
When your tears touched the ground, I heard you cry

You only understood when my blood stained your front door
Though I had told you years ago I couldn't take it anymore
You are still crying and asking if it was because of you
My only answer, baby, is "I love you, too"


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  • 11 years ago

    by lish

    Omigosh this poem is filled with so much emotion and heartache its over barring, i love this poem alot, you and the poem are going into my favourites

  • 11 years ago

    by Kris

    Wow! It's a very deep poem. Great job.

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