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um...not much to say....i write poems that either have something to do with my expieriences or they dont....depends on my mood....if you have any questions or need to talk then talk to me...i will listen...or rather read....cuz its online....anyways...yea...thats about it....

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Latest Poems By Valiantpenguin

  • Tell me I'm beautiful
    That the sun shines from within me...

  • What do you see when you look at me?
    My eyes, the brown and green blending together...

  • Burden 1

    I am a burden
    To you and to me...

  • These thoughts don't stop
    When I'm loved or hated...

  • I must not love him
    If he can let me go...

Latest Quotes By Valiantpenguin

  • As you get older
    You learn that kisses don't mean anything
    Promises are always broken
    "I love you" is just a phrase
    And good-bye's really are forever

    9 years ago
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  • The hardest part is done
    Though this pain doesn't have an end
    My heart will heal with time
    The broken pieces will mend
    Someday I may even love again
    Though that day is far away
    I promise I will always be here
    Even if I'm just your friend

    9 years ago
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  • Someday you'll cry for me
    Like I cried for you
    Someday you'll miss me
    Like I missed you
    Someday you'll need me
    Like I needed you
    Someday you'll love me
    Like i loved you
    {But I won't love you}

    9 years ago
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