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Life has it's ups and downs. Every era reflects a different quality inside each and every one of us. My poems show just that. They come in a wide variety from Poems of sadness to love poems.
Try and read them, you might find some of them interesting.

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Latest Poems By Shinobi

  • Legend has told of an angel on earth
    Basking in the golden glistening light...

  • Soaring through the sky never touching ground
    Ever blissfull flying over all that is unsure...

  • Everything starts with a feeling
    Growing inside a passionate heart...

  • Melodies praise such a warm heart
    Celestial beings greet her glowing grace...

  • Know why the moon and sun dance up high
    Raising spirits of humble beings below...

Latest Quotes By Shinobi

  • Even after the light had been shattered to pieces, there's still hope. It lays inside, hidden, in another woman's heart.

    8 years ago
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  • Conjure your dead soul from within
    Call it for you shall live as one
    Cut through flesh, bones and skin
    Cut until the rise of the red sun

    9 years ago
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  • I pledge for my dead heart a place of resting
    Let my body decay till I'm ashes once more!

    9 years ago
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