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I really haven't any experience with poetry,I just write what I feel.Usually everything I write is written in one sitting so that way I can write exactly what I feel at that moment.Most of what I write consists of love poems.So strong an emotion it is. If you feel the need to leave a comment/rating/vote,by all means, please do so and I shall return the favor. If you like anything I write,check out Spoken Silence.She is my love and the inspiration for almost everything I write.(She can be located in my favorite authors list) oh yeah, and if you really like my poetry please favorite.


I have recently learned that the one for whom I've written these poems for has left me in darkness. She has been too busy throughout the years searching for attention from other men. If only I could have been more than I am then maybe none of this would have happened. She didn't leave me but rather I left her. I found out about her ways and exposed her to herself. I can only hope for the best for her as I do still love her. Iniibig Kita Cassey.

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Latest Poems By Lethal Prophecy

  • I want this woman no more
    if only I wasn't such a bore...

  • Stillborn heart as cold as a lifeless soul
    Rememberance of joy long faded...

  • Feelings like this are grim and dark
    Everyday it can tear you apart...

  • I am alive...
    I am alive and within you I strive...

  • I need you so much at this time that I write
    this poem for you without you in sight...

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  • Dream like you'll live forever, Live like you'll die tomorrow.

    9 years ago
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  • My love for you is a journey;
    starting at forever,
    and ending at never.

    9 years ago
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  • You don't love a girl because she's beautiful,
    She is beautiful because you love her

    9 years ago
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