Favorite Poems of Cinnamonspice

  • Thistle (8) 8 HM

    by sibyllene

    Clever cirsium, too clever
    by far, arms herself in...

  • Pleiades (10) 8 WIN

    by sibyllene

    The Seven Sisters slink their way
    across a crystal winter sky...

  • Heartwork (4)

    by Captain Lonesome

    The angels brushed beauty into the trees
    The comforting colors mingle with the breeze...

  • Politico (9) 1

    by End Of Eternity

    I am sword's peace
    I am gunshot's silence...

  • Peace for the Fighter (5) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Why did you make me a fighter?
    Thought you did me a favor...

  • Wind Howling.. (3) 1

    by lOsT sOuL

    Awoken from my nightmarish dreams,
    The sounds of wind, howling...

  • Stripped (6) 3

    by Faithless

    Strip me of my color,
    and no longer will I be judged...

  • Swimming Lessons (14) 13 WIN

    by Dixiedaisy

    I take a different route...

  • Evolving Environment (5)

    by Michael D Nalley

    The tide turns, we must accept adverse actions
    That interfere with nuclear reactions...

  • Hand In Hand, You And Me (3)

    by Snickerpie

    Laying underneath the stars,
    On a warm silent night...

  • Narrator (2)

    by Jack Crimson Nightengale

    You may have thought that you've heard this scene,
    But you haven't, the real one is far too mean...

  • Utopia is Within (1)

    by Jeff Weiner

    Standing still in motion
    screaming without a sound...

  • The Less Fortunate (13) 2

    by The Poet Behind The Poems

    The man with a sign on the corner of the street
    He wouldnt be out there begging if he had enough...

  • Happy Birthday(My Little Angle) (12)

    by The Poet Behind The Poems

    Back in the year 1997
    A new star was born in heaven...

  • Encomium (5)

    by Hallucinostic

    Few are those enthralled by you completely...