Don't Cry For Me

by Believeinlove87

Don't cry for me,
I'm in a better place,
watching down beneath the clouds,
being your guardian angel,
wiping away the tears,
telling you everything will be okay.

Please don't grieve for me,
no longer suffering in the hell of earth,
my soul has been set free,
taken to the beautiful pearly white gates,
no pain is felt, no hurt can be made,
I'm finally free & happy.

Don't drag yourself down,
stop doing the drugs to numb the pain,
seeing your tears is a stab to the heart,
feeling your pain tears me apart,
you're missing me like crazy,
calling out " Momma, why did you leave me?"

Move on with out me,
forever in your heart I'll remain,
no more suffering from the pain,
not knowing what to do,
how can I show you I'm okay,
Please baby, stop those tears,
If only you knew how beautiful it is here.

Remember, I'm apart of you,
look in the mirror, you'll see my reflection looking back,
wiping away those tears of yours,
filling up your soul with my love,
placing my hands on your shoulders,
whispering in your ear
"Just because I'm not here physically, doesn't
mean I'm not in your heart & soul."

Don't cry for me,
Please don't grieve for me,
finally my soul has been set free,
I'm in a better place,
floating on the clouds,
playing with the stars,
move on with out me.

-Written for one of my really good friends who's mom has just passed on..-


Submission date : 2011-10-05

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Latest comments

Innocent Fairy ( F P C D ) at 2011-10-05

This is a great tribute and very well done i looveed it :) its amazing and wonderful :) 5/5

anonymous ( F P C ) at 2011-10-07

Aww this is so sad but so true 100/100

LOvEiSNotFoREvER ( F C ) at 2011-10-07

Omg .. this is so perfect!
i'm sure she loves it!
love how you can make the reader play everything out.
love the emotions it pours.
1000/1000 <3

La Bella Vita ( F P C D ) at 2011-10-11

This was a very sweet piece. It was very idealistic and said all the bereaved want to here. I really liked this poem and felt a connection with it.