Mom, I need you.

by Believeinlove87

- A poem about a conversation with her mom who passed on-

Staring at the portrait on her wall,
saying so silently Mom can you hear me,
I need you now more then ever,
i don't know what to do, where to go,
please give me a sign you're listening.

A ball of light shows up,
turning into her mother,
looking at her saying Baby, I'm here,
trying to hold back her tears,
she says Mom, I need you, Don't go,
pulling her into a hug,
her mom promises to not leave.

I messed up, i lost him mom,
Why did I have to do this, am i that stupid,
tears rolling down her already puffy face,
wiping every tear that falls,
her mother replies, You made a mistake baby girl,
nobody is perfect,
but if you can look past what he did,
your love is pure.

Mom, why did you have to die?
this isn't fair, I need you in my life,
i feel empty without you here,
looking at the ground, her mom hesitantly replies,
I'm sorry I'm gone, I messed up too baby,
tears spilling from her eyes,
her heart re breaking, Mom.... Please don't go,
begging for her to stay, to not leave again.

Staring at the portrait on the wall,
saying out loud, Mom I need you,
she appears looking so beautiful,
letting me know shes always been there,
she wipes away the pouring tears,
tells me I'll always be here for you,
letting me know everything will be okay,
she slowly fades away.


Submission date : 2011-10-14

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christina at 2011-10-28

This is awsome...ur a great writter

christina at 2011-10-28

This is awsome...ur a great writter

Alex at 2011-11-10


Kristina at 2011-11-10

My mom passed away a couple years ago so i absolutely loved this poem...i wish i could have a dream like i can see my mom again even if it is only for a little while.
RIP Mom. <3

Rihanna ( F P C D ) at 2011-11-16


Where can I start this poem had tears running down my face.. I loved it

It's 5/5 for me

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