Hold on

by tearsforeveryscar   Apr 23, 2008

Laying in the dark as i close my eyes tight
the tears start to fall down as my day turns to night
the pain of you being so far away is starting to surface
with out you here i believe i have no purposoe
no reason to hang on until tomorrow
but yet i have no time left in today to borrow
to make this day never end so i wont have to miss you
because when you're gone im lost and dont know what to do
i sit as i hear my phone ring and i know that its you thats calling
but i wont pick up the phone because i cant stop these awful tears from falling
the make up has been long gone in dark rivers down my face
wish there was a smile on my face to take their place
instead i pick myself up and put on the mask
the one with the smile and go on to complete the next task
the falling asleep and facing the nightmares of reality
the reality thats been so brutal on my mentality
behind the mask my face becomes wet with tears
the tears that are coming because of the fears
the fears of not being able to make it this time
the fear of not being able to get out one more ryhme
the fear of having to start over from where we were before
the fear of not being able to close that chapter of my life that door
so as i sit here in the dark the silent the cold
wishing your hand was here for me to hold
i cry in silence behind this mask with fake smile
and pray that for you i can hold on for just a little while


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  • 12 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Very powerfully penned, well done xx

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