The Passion Never Subsides

by Natalie   Aug 9, 2008

How much more can this wretched heart bleed?
His every revealing expression putting it to test.
His deadly kiss devours me whole. It envelops me,
Blind, deaf, mute, I feel only his heated manly lips.

Two pillars we once were, leaning upon each other,
Seeing us fall as the distance between us grew too big.
If a grandiose love breaks, the pieces can't be salvaged,
Its glow can't be restored, yet the passion never subsides.

I'm aware that my arms will never embrace with such ardor,
This skin won't ever be provoked as deeply as by his touch.
Knowledge that damages the soul so profoundly and cruelly,
A reality that'll remain with us till we close our eyes to death.

If only retrieving words that were once said was a possibility,
"I love you" would be the only words we'd have left to say,
A phrase that'll replay till we step into the realms of afterlife.
Syllables that represent a feeling that surpasses our mortality.

© Natalie M. Sarantos 09.08.08 11.30pm.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Beautiful Chaos

    The second stanza was my favorite, describing the rise and fall of the relationship. I enjoyed your word choice and description in this piece, it was a really nice read. There was a subtle sadness to it, it wasn't overbearing and melodramatic, it was accepting. Nice work.

  • 11 years ago

    by Aryaan

    Lovely poem! every line is so very poetic. creative piece of writing. the last stanza is fantastic!

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