Someone Old, No one New, Feeling Borrowed, Always Blue

by HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG   Aug 28, 2008

I swore to the stars I was strong, I'd make it through;
But everyday that I waste, is another day without you.

You pulled back your hand and took a step away,
Not knowing how to say what you had to say,
So you sighed and shook your head, walked out the door,
With nothing on you but the clothes you wore.
And I left all my thoughts burning on the tip of my tongue,
Reassured myself that we were foolish because we were young;
[That worn out excuse is getting old these days,
Following right behind these worn out feelings.]

Last I heard you were a successful lawyer up in Georgia,
While here I've been wasting all my time down in Florida;
You hit the courts by day, and the books at night,
And knowing that, this just doesn't feel right:
I'm dancing with all the boys, drinking you away,
And I know I will wish I'm waking up to you the next day,
But tonight nothing sounds better than this:
Wandering hands and a stolen midnight kiss.

I saw your face on a billboard, said you were doing fine,
So I cursed at the foolish little heart of mine,
I shouldn't have believed you were as lonely as me,
You've got everything you need, lathered in glory.

I took a deep breath and stepped back from your memory,
Figured it wasn't worth the very best of me,
And the clock laughed as I stuttered a pathetic good-bye,
Beat myself up until the bottle was run dry,
[But I swear I'm feeling better, walking away from you:
Someone old, no one new, feeling borrowed, always blue.]

-Jenna Elphick
August 28, 2008


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