Dreams of Crystal Tears

by Stephanie   Dec 20, 2008

Crystal tears,
So clean and pure
Crystal tears,
So innocent and insecure
Crystal tears,
Along the line,
Of the face,
Etching every memory,
That the heart can trace

Dreams crushed with the palm,
Of a hand
Scattered pieces lie,
Where they land

Throw it away,
Out the door
What's there left to say?
What happened to the life,
You worked so hard for?

It will never come true
That's what you said,
That dreams are only made for sleep'in,
Dreams are made for dead
You made everything you believed in,
Into a sin

You cry,
Those crystal tears,
Down your cheek
It's no use,
Not even worth a try,
To find the happiness that you seek

No matter what the cost,
Don't give up
Hope is never lost
Don't cry,
Always give life another try

Don't cry,
Another crystal tear
Don't cry,
Cause only then,
Your dreams will surely die


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