Run [Lyrics]

by HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG   Jan 20, 2009

[Verse 1:]

The first snow brushed the ground,
As the sky lit up without a sound,
And we stood below, barefoot and amazed,
Wide-eyed in surprise, heads in a daze.
The stars dealt the cards to our future,
As the seasons changed in a blur.
The laughter faded behind our shadows,
As the cold grass sank between our toes;
It was the last time I looked into your blue eyes,
The very last time I witnessed the sparks fly.

I gave you a choice, it pressed into your skin,
And there I was waving good-bye, a tear rolling down my chin.


And I watched you run,
Far away from here,
I waited on the sun,
To make everything clear,
But I watched you,
But I watched you run,
Like I should have done.

[Verse 2:]

I flicked a burnt cigarette into the snow,
Grabbed my bags, it was time to go,
And running behind me was a smile so familair;
I still see so much of you shinin' in her.
The house was silent, dark and lonely,
A for-sale sign doing all the talking for me.
And her eyes welled up with tears,
Leaving the place she knew as home for five years,
Turning to me, she said: "Mama, tell me,
Why leave when you got everything already?"

My lip started trembling at the sound of her voice,
But steadily I said: "Sometimes you just don't have a choice


And you gotta run,
Far away from here,
Leave it on the rising sun,
To make your path clear."
And you gotta,
And you gotta run,
Until the healing is done.

[Verse 3:]

I watched her grow up, glued my smile with pride,
And on her graduation day, I was there by her side,
Holding the camera with a shaking hand.
Watching her spread her wings, I could barely stand,
But I wished her good-luck, as she packed up the car,
Holding an envelope, I said, "Baby, you're never too far,
Come back anytime, call if you need me, anytime of day"
And stopping me, she asked: "Are you sure you'll be okay?"
But as the first snow brushed the ground,
Her sparkling eyes lit up without a sound.

I tried to meddle over the perfect words, as she smiled at me,
Looking just like you would, and I said: "Baby,


Hurry up and run,
Far away from here,
Go toward the setting sun,
It will make your path clear."
Baby hurry up,
Baby hurry up and run,
Baby hurry up and run,
....Like I should have done.

Jenna Elphick
November 11, 2008


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  • 11 years ago

    by meganmarie

    Wow, powerful, so meaningful, beautifully written lyrics. i would love to hear it put to music. i can see it being amazing. truly amazing write.