The Greatest Fall [Of All Time]


The sparkle in your eyes lit my heart on fire,
And for the part you wore the perfect attire:
A raven suit, with red lace covering your eye,
But you say: "Only the weak roll over and die."
Blushing cheeks turned to cold, dark stone,
As a rampant tear ripped through to the bone,
And you hear me say: "This is only the start of it."

Every second I lay awake, your feet run further away,
And in this one-horse town, I'm not expected to make it another day,
Not one of the pale faces have ever seen me on my own,
I've never been forced to find out what it feels like to be alone.
But this empty bed is getting colder without your body here,
And I just can't make the sound of your beating heart disappear.

My waist has thinned, and they're worried about my mind,
Because I always was one of the procrastinating kind,
And they know what too much time alone could do to me,
So I'm thankful that none of them are here today to see:
I'm cursing on my knees - cheeks drenched in kerosene.

All your friends smile as they see me walk on by,
And in each one of them, I can still see the sparkle in your eyes;
Sympathy tenses through the air toward my frail frame,
But they wouldn't dare say it out loud, get caught using my name.

I thought I heard you running back home in the middle of the night,
But it must have just been my heart slowing, no longer glowing bright;
No flame is left in this hollow shell to keep our love alive anymore.

I still remember the day you left me, perfect as if it was yesterday,
And the words burning on the tip of your tongue that you wouldn't say.

And you left me here on my tired knees, begging your memory to come home.

-Jenna Elphick
February 3, 2009


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