Rainbow of the Beholder

by Stephanie   Apr 14, 2009

Colors break through my fingers,
Like a prism in the night
Fading..fading now..ever so slowly,
As my inner torment comes close,
And swiftly lingers and lingers

Swallowing down the shadows around,
Deep in the corner from the norm
Now I hear the Devil's thick air,
And the cries of despair,
Of those thrust to their ground

Pain and tragedy,
It's all I know
For now I believe it's all the Earth has left to show
And as the envelope of dark covers me in its abyss,
A heavy storm of rain starts to blow

Soon after, the water parts,
And the clouds lift their head
Illuminated colors reach my eyes,
And black and white says their last goodbyes
There's no more to dread

Looking next to me,
I see the colors and the happiness they bring
And I hear the love songs newly-sprung birds sing
Then I realize anew,
The colors I see upon the dew,
Is a rainbow

And along with a rainbow,
Is hope that's just begun to grow

Colors perched on my sill next to me
Remind me that the dark of the world,
Is not all sight can see


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